About the Creator

Eva Bod ’20 is a contemporary painter originally from Minnesota. Having grown up with the northern lights above chilly farmland, her love for the stars has been a passion throughout her life. Eva is inspired by the connection between science and art, an interest represented by this ethnoastronomy collection. Her fascinations with natural illustration and the fine arts are expressed through charcoal, watercolor, oil paints, and spray paints.

She earned her B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology at Middlebury College, where she delved into the arts to depict the relationship between human culture and our understandings of the cosmos. As the artist explains, “bridging art and science can tell stories that unite us in our humanity, inviting all people to embrace the unknown.”

Commissioned to create a series of paintings for the Mittelman Observatory, she used multiple media to depict exoplanets and astronomical lore from many cultures. Her ultimate goal is to ignite curiosity, and to inspire others to look up.


Thank you to the David R. Mittelman ‘76 Fund and the Mittelman Family Foundation.

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