PSR B1620–26 b

PSR B1620–26 b, Methuselah

Nicknamed Methuselah, PSR B1620–26 b resides in the constellation Scorpio. At 12.7 billion years old, this exoplanet is one of the oldest known. Nearby in the same constellation is Mu Scorpii. Called Xamidimûra, the Eyes of the Lion, by the Khoekhoen, this eclipsing binary star system appears in several sub-Saharan African folklore stories. For the |Xam Bushmen of South Africa, celestial bodies were once people, as exemplified in the nearby constellation Corona Australis, the Southern Crown. The |Xam tell a story of a bewitched girl who looks upon a group of men eating together one evening, later turning them into these stars.


Watercolor on Paper


Eva Bod ’20

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